Tips for buying a second hand Two-wheeler

Many people in India use second hand two wheeler.Two wheeler has become a necessity for people who travel for work everyday.If buying a new bike is a constraint you can visit EVERI a pre-owned bike market place.You can buy a second-hand bike or a scooter with EVERI.You can do a bit research to make sure if the vehicle is in the right condition.

Note:Always buy a vehicle which is 6-7 year old so that you get sufficient bike life.

Here are few tips to remember before you purchase a second hand two wheeler :

Do Research

Once you decide that you want to buy a second hand two wheeler you’ll have to do research on the options available.

While selecting the model one should know what is the purpose of buying the bike how is she/he going to use it.

Every dealer would have a specific price to offer.U can check with EVERI it’s a pre-owned bike market place.

The age of every bike will vary from dealer to dealer.

It’s not necessary to rely on dealer to buy a bike you can check with EVERI & they can share their bikes with you on the online platform.Once you finalise don’t forget to consider two wheeler insurance it is a safe guard for you & your bike.

Take a test ride

The bike might look impressive from outside but you should ride it and know about it’sfunctionality.Test driving will show you how comfortable the bike is you will also know the power & performance it delivers.One must check whether if there is smoke coming,is there any engine noise,whether the tyres are in a good condition all this are very basic things a common man could understand.

EVERI is a pre-owned bike market place & gives its customers upto Kms Test ride.Incase you’re a learner you can ask your experienced relative or friend to test ride the bike.

Verify the vehicle documents

The most important part of buying a second hand two wheeler is to check whether all the original documents

Example:Registration certificate (RC)

Purchase receipt & insurance papers.

All these documents will sure you a genuine vehicle.If you are planning to buy a vehicle from an individual owner,do make sure to get all valid documents from the owner and check if the vehicle is registered in their name.Also,if the bike has an active two wheeler insurance policy it’s your duty to get the policy transferred to your name to avoid further complications.While checking all the documents one should also check whether the bike has comprehensive insurance it cover the damage.The registrationcertificate also has to be transferred and the RTO has to be informed about the transfer of vehicle.


Negotiate the price well :

If you are satisfied with the paper work and the condition of the vehicle,it’s time to negotiate.Negotiate the price according to the condition of the bike if a bike has a dent or it is not well maintained,the bike’s purchase price should be less.

You can check with EVERI is a pre-owned bike market place they give the best price & service in the market.