Paperwork required when you buy a used motorcycle

When you buy a second hand motor cycle you actually transfer the ownership of the previous owner to yourself.

Buying a used motorcycle involves a bit of paper work.One will have to get all the relevant documents including the original registration certificate (RC), Insurance certificate,PUC certificate etc from the owner to transfer the vehicle legally.

All these documents will be required to get  the Transfer Vehicle Registration Certificate.This certificate will give u legal possession of the bike.All these documents are very important in the future.It’s mandatory to have all these documents while buying a second hand two wheeler.You can check on EVERI used two wheelers they buy & sell used two wheelers at a very affordable price when you buy a used two wheeler with EVERI they take proper care of all the documents & then only sell the Vehicle.

Here is the list of all the important documents that you need to check before purchasing a second hand two wheeler

RC (Registration Certificate)Book

Insurance policy

PUC certificate

Address proof & passport size photos

Sales receipt of two wheeler

Tips for the buyer:

Two wheeler ownership transfer process


  1. Take handover of all relevant documents
  2. Inform the RTO
  3. Bike Insurance Transfer Process

While u sell or buy your old two-wheeler to any person,be sure that you complete all the paper work & inform the RTO through the right process.