Is it necessary to take a test ride for used bike?

Rule one of buying used bike is if you don't test ride it, do not buy it

Here is a guide to what you're looking for.

  1. It isn't a joyride

When a dealer allows you to take a spin on a bike, scooter  he is hoping you're going to bring him business.So he tries to convince you to his best to show the best features of the bike or the scooter.As a customer you need to focus on engine & it’s performance,on the brakes,the handle,

the ride quality,Focus on what u don’t like while riding the bike.

Focus on the engine

So first, notice how the bike idles (sound, vibration and feel). Then as you head out, focus on clutch effort, gear shift quality and the small bits.

Focus on engine performance

Once again, it isn't a great idea for you to try to see if you can match the dealer or magazine test results on the road on your test ride. You are wasting precious time. Instead, think of performance in terms of your daily riding. Ride at a low speed in a high gear and see how the bike responds to the throttle. Then ride at a higher speed in a more appropriate gear, something you might use in traffic as an owner and see how that feels. Get a loose sense of whether you think a certain kind of performance (for instance low speed, high gear)As you will spend more time riding a bike

Focus on the brakes

Brakes are really easy to suss. If You're looking to see how much the bite is. Fast bikes tend to have aggressive brakes that come on strong and can be harder to live with, in unskilled or new hands. In the case of drum brakes, you're looking for whether you think they're effective or not.

The ride quality

Remember while riding any bike the comfort is very important.One must feel comfortable as he or she will spend most of their time riding.

Focus on what you don't like

All vehicles are made with a impression to satisfy their target customers.What that means every customer is different & may not like something in a particular vehicle.

So in that case just make sure what exactly is that thing.example:May be the seat is hard so check whether what can be done.

What if the dealer refuses to give a test ride?

If the dealer refuses to give a test drive try to convince him her about how can we buy a bike with out a test drive.If someone really want to buy a can check with EVERI used two wheeler market place they give 50kms test drive & has a best customer service.