Common mistakes made while Buying second hand two wheeler

The most important checks that are required while purchasing a second hand two wheeler are

  1. Mechanical check
  2. Paper-work check

Mechanical check

The basic things you should check on two wheeler are

Any Oil-leaks

Many of us don’t pay attention on this but it very important to check around the engine are carefully for any oil leaks.


The metal parts of your two wheeler/bike catch rust over years.A little bit of rust is fine but if the rust is deep you will have to replace the body part soon.It’s very important to check the entire area where ever rust marks are visible.Many people neglect it & later they have to change the entire part.

Scratch marks

In cities like Mumbai,Delhi scratch marks are inevitable due congested driving and parking.So the scratches are acceptable but ensure that the scratch is not much deep or openly visible as it may damage the overall look of the two wheeler and cost you big time on repairs.

Accidentally Damaged Two Wheeler:

Many people put their bikes/two wheeler to sell after serious accident and damage to the bike. Don’t be a victim of buying an accidentally damaged bike. Check the handlebar, it should be absolutely straight and should not shake.

Other Items to Check


  1. Battery, 2. Brakes, 3.Clutch, 4.Gears, 5.Engine

Mileage and Running in Kilometers: In many fraud cases, it has been found that mileage meter has been modified to show less running of a bike. Wear and tear of tyres and other parts and accessories of the bike are a good indication of how much the two wheeler has clocked and if the mileage meter is showing the true picture or not.

Test Ride: Take a test ride of the bike so you can get a feel of the ride and comfort for yourself.


Paper Work Check:


  1. Registration
  2. Tax certificate
  3. Insurance certificate
  4. NOC (No objection certificate)



A second-hand bike is not a bad choice but you should do a thorough mechanical check and paper-work as mentioned above before buying one. You can end up getting a very good deal for a second-hand bike and save yourself a lot of money. So, follow the above guide and get yourself a good second-hand two wheeler.